Monday 9 July 2012

Leading Indian manufacturer, manufacturers and exporter, exporters of Bottle water coolers

GUJARAT ION EXCHANGE AND CHEMICALS LIMITED - GIECL is Leading company in Water Treatment field. We are Manufacturers and Exporter of Water Treatment Plants, Mineral Water Plant, Turnkey Mineral Water Project, Bottling Plant, R.O.Plant - Reverse Osmosis System, Sea Water Plant, Desalination Plant, Bottled Water Plant, Filtration System, Softening Plant and Demineralization Plant. 

GIECL has been established in 1996 at Ahmedabad, India to market specially Water & Waste water treatment plants with Turnkey Solution with increasing demand in Indian And International Market.

GIECL has setup many Bottling Plants with Leading Brand Names in India and Overseas Market.

GIECL has started supplying Turnkey Mineral Water Project after many years of Experience in the field and wide background of such project setup with many Multinational Companies in the.

GIECL has  decided to express the knowledge and Technical know how for setting up a Turnkey Mineral Water Project to our Customer in brief right from understanding the Requirement to Designing, Supplying, Errection and Commissioning with Trail production of Complete Turnkey Mineral Water Project. GIECL is also helping and supplying the Raw material requirement for Bottling Project.

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